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Grand Bayou Indians Village is one of the most remote Native American Communities located at the most southern reaches of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. It is one of the rare Tribal Communities today still accessible only by boat. Historically they are primarily linked to the Chawasha Tribe, but like many other separate and distinct Tribes within the State that are home to a multitude of many Native American communities, the majority of our tribes are located on the coast and in the marsh of this beautiful ecosystem. Grand Bayou Indian Village is one such community; unique, diverse, passionate about their traditions and way of life, and a people of great heart.

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Located off the mainland in South Plaquemines Parish, we are unique in that we are home to the only continuous indigenous community only accessible by water. But like other coastal Southeastern Louisiana Native American tribes we are now in a fight for survival.  Our village lacks the federal recognition that would mean access to resources that could make a difference. Therefore instead of looking outward for solutions for community and cultural survival we are joining ourselves together with our sister tribes to address the issues of conservation of our waters, lands, natural resources, and to ensure the health of our people for generations to come. Historically we have been a self-sustaining Native American Village, living on the land and waters that has provided our peoples with everything we needed: shelter, clothing, community, medicine, and food for centuries. However, in less than one lifetime we have watched our lands wash away into the Gulf of Mexico and even now realize the uncertainty that we will be around another 100 years.  In spite of this, we are looking for new ways to be subsistent and even once again sustainable and that is why we joined together to create the First Peoples Conservation Council.

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4 thoughts on “Our Communities – Grand Bayou Indian Village”

  1. Many Thanks to the Elders, Cousins and Sister Tribe Counsels, for their effort to bring us all together. Working as ONE, to preserve our interrelated cultures, families and Indigenous history, goes hand in hand with the broader and most urgent need to save our fragile and vanishing homelands. Our ancestors walked, lived and prospered on these lands since time memorial. The remnants of Temple mounds, coastal villages and everyday life-ways stands as a testament to our original foot print upon this land. May the Creator bless this effort and shine light upon the Original people of the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Nan MacDonald, 4th great grandaughter of Genevieve Baptiste and Francois Ancard of Grand Bayou Village, Louisiana.

  2. The site is so inspiring and is all the coming together of the area tribes. It is the only the way to save our planet, our Louisiana, our tribal/historical lands. So proud to be Grand Bayou Native!

  3. My grandmother was a resident of grand bayou. This is where my mother was born. I would love to find out more about my ancestors. Please ,if you can, let me know where I can research this. Thank you.

  4. Thank you all so much. My niece Karen is married to Maurice and shared with me all about you and I’m inspired. I already feel some connection to you, though I cannot yet tell why. Perhaps, if I am blessed to return next year, I will be shown more. For now please receive my best for all of you and the work you are committed to!

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